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Latinx Students Fight For a New Space

Mi Pueblo Executive Board discusses need for meeting space for Latinx community.
Michael Sosa, Mi Pueblo’s president, discusses need for a Latinx meeting space on UNC-CH’s campus. Photo taken by Sarah Clouser, The Daily Tar Heel

The Latinx community at UNC-Chapel Hill raised concerns throughout this past year about the need for a permanent space due to the rising Latinx population at the University.


Mi Pueblo, the Hispanic organization at UNC-CH, as well as Latinx students and faculty have spent the last eight years fighting for a physical center on the UNC-CH campus, according to the Daily Tar Heel.


According to the UNC-CH Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, the Latinx community makes up 8.8 percent of the student population, equaling over 1,000 students. Over the past years, the population of the Latinx community has increased as UNC-CH’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions increases the number of students they accept.

Infographic showing the population change of the Latinx community over the past 7 years.
Infographic showing the population change of the Latinx community over the past 7 years. Infographic created by Julian Berger

The organization hosted an event on November 29 titled “A Plan, A Place, A Purpose – A Latinx Discussion” to discuss the need for a Latinx space on campus for the increasing Latinx population at UNC-CH.


Although Latinx students already have a designated space at the Carolina Latinx Collaborative in the Craige North residence hall on South Campus, the students don’t have full control over the space.


“We actually don’t have priority over the space,” said Gaby Aleman, senior advisor for Mi Pueblo. “We have to ask permission from the residents of Craige North and the people who run Craige North.”


Patsy Montesinos, a Mexican-American student from Concord, North Carolina, feels that space is needed for Latinx students to come together as a family.

Mi Pueblo and Latinx students will continue to work with the UNC-CH Student Government to create a permanent space for the Latinx community.